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Choosing a Law School in San Francisco

Law School in San Francisco

Choosing a law school is a big decision. With so many options, where you decide to spend the next few years receiving your education shapes the next chapter of your life.

San Francisco is a great city in the Bay Area to set as the background to your law school years. The city is a cultural, commercial, and financial center in the state of California. It is a city filled with history, art, and the ease of a transit system. Among all of the options available, you may ask yourself: which San Francisco law school should you consider? How about a school that sits within the heart of San Francisco’s legal, financial, and technology hub – Golden Gate University School of Law.

San Francisco’s Law School

Founded in 1901, Golden Gate University is one of the oldest non-profit schools in California. In support of our mission to expand access to legal education, GGU recently launched the innovative hybrid JD flex program allowing our students to pursue their law degree in a program designed to better fit the demanding lives of busy professionals. The hybrid JD Flex program offers a degree in law (Juris Doctor or J.D.).

Prospective JD Flex students can obtain their degree through a standard track or they can choose one of two specialized tracks. The specialized tracks offer electives taught by academic and industry experts giving our students a competitive edge in one of two different fields – Social Justice and Public Interest Law and or Intellectual Property law

Golden Gate University School of Law grants our students the ability to be flexible in a busy world. Our JD Flex Program allows students to complete their law degree in less than four years, even while working full-time. It gives students the flexibility to carry on with other obligations they have in life and still reach their goal of completing their legal education. The rigor and standards that are in place for in-person law students apply to the JD Flex students as well. In addition, the ability to work as you earn your degree lets you continue to gain experience working in the field; you won’t have to pause your professional journey to go to law school in San Francisco.

Support Throughout the Journey

At Golden Gate University School of Law, we are invested in the success of our students. Our specialized tracks offer electives taught by renowned faculty experts, allowing you to jumpstart your career. 

We are also here to give you support throughout the process. From enrollment until the bar examination, we have comprehensive academic support programming in place to help you gain the essential skills necessary to excel academically.


When you attend Golden Gate University School of Law, you have access to not only institutes and partnerships that advance your career and expand your horizons, but the city of San Francisco itself. With direct access to courts, law firms, advocacy organizations, government agencies, and rapidly expanding tech companies, we put our students in the center of the action with career opportunities at every turn.

Living in a major city allows students to absorb its culture as well as access its numerous professional opportunities. The city is truly your campus. You can build a legal network in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area that comes from not only distinguished Golden Gate University alum but your experiences as a JD Flex student. This helps prepare you for your career after graduation.

Choosing Golden Gate University School of Law

Deciding to step into the legal profession is an important decision that we celebrate. The next decision to make is where. In choosing a law school in San Francisco, it is important that the institution you choose lifts its students, and therefore you, to their fullest potential. Golden Gate University School of Law’s JD Flex Program is a dynamic legal program that fosters growth academically and professionally, set in a city filled with opportunity.

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