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How GGU’s JD Flex Program Can Prepare You for a Career in Entertainment and Sports Law

Entertainment and Sports Law

Sports and entertainment are huge industries in the United States. Total revenue in the Sports segment was projected to reach $3.67 billion in 2022. People grow up with loyalties to their city and their teams, while music and movies shape and impact our lives. 

Maybe you loved and played a sport your entire life or are a musician, but becoming a professional athlete and artist is a difficult path that is not for everyone. You may still want to be involved in sports and music, however, so what other job options align with your passions?

Imagine working in those industries as an attorney. You can combine your love of sports and entertainment with the law. Sports and entertainment lawyers have many different career paths they can take, making it an exciting specialty to be in.

If you’re looking for a career in entertainment and sports law, a Juris Doctor from Golden Gate University can help get you there. Not only that, our JD Flex program can prepare you for your career, while balancing your career and other daily obligations.

Career Possibilities 

There are many career options to pursue after studying entertainment and sports law. You can become:

  • General Manager of a major league team
  • Front office executive managing the team’s salary cap
  • Intellectual property lawyer defending artists
  • General sports liability attorney
  • Business and legal affairs attorney for a movie or TV company
  • Sports agent

Contracts and negotiations can become your bread and butter, as you negotiate deals and work with high-powered, successful people in high-pressure situations involving not only your career but someone else’s. Is this sounding like the game of a lifetime? Getting your Juris Doctor and specializing in sports and entertainment law is your first step toward a career that aligns with your passion.

Why the Law School Matters

The law school you choose can be an asset in three major ways: location, education, and networking. The location of your law school can be critical to helping you secure internship and job opportunities. For a school like GGU, our San Francisco campus is ideal for anyone who wants to go into sports and entertainment. San Francisco is home to multiple professional teams, such as the:

  • San Francisco 49ers
  • San Francisco Giants
  • Golden State Warriors

GGU also offers an Intellectual Property Law career track, which is ideal for anyone looking to go into intellectual property entertainment law. Classes such as sports law, entertainment law, negotiations, antitrust, and labor law will build your expertise. Plus, when it comes to our network, GGU’s Alumni Association engages our thriving network of more than 68,000 GGU graduates across the globe.

Why GGU?

If the location, network, and education weren’t enough, we also offer flexibility. Golden Gate University has a JD Flex program that lets you earn an ABA-accredited law degree in less than four years, even while working full-time. The program blends online coursework with 8 weekend on-campus sessions per semester. You can continue with other life obligations and still obtain your degree. Whether you are:

  • Changing your career
  • Already in the sports and entertainment industry but want to grow professionally

Our Flex program is a fantastic option.

Whatever path brought you to sports and entertainment law, Golden Gate University can provide the skills and expertise you need.

Ready to get started? Contact our admissions office today.

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