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GGU’s New Hybrid JD Program, “JD Flex”, Helps Expand Access to Legal Education

Every educational journey is different. Law school, regardless of when it happens, is a huge commitment. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. This occurs whether you are a full-time student without job commitments, or if you choose to attend part-time.

In today’s world, technology paves a path that was never possible before. You can now attend law school virtually. Online courses allow working professionals to complete law degree programs without missing a beat. 

Consider Golden Gate University and its new hybrid JD Flex program. The program blends online coursework with campus classes, making it a flexible option for anyone looking to earn their JD. The online JD Flex program expands access to legal education without sacrificing quality. Here are the top 3 reasons GGU could be for you.

1. Our Program’s Flexibility

The new JD program’s flexibility accounts for students having different lives. Whether it is work or family, schedules vary greatly. This program takes that into account by not requiring students to take all of their classes on campus. During the fall and spring semesters, the program blends online coursework with 8 weekend on-campus sessions per semester. Summer sessions are completely online. Online learning gives our law students the ability to keep working while in the program. Other life responsibilities don’t need to be put on hold while you earn your JD degree. 

2. Golden Gate University’s Quality and Caliber

Golden Gate University has been San Francisco’s law school since 1901. We are an ABA-accredited law school where you can earn your degree in as little as three and a half years with the JD Flex option. 

Not only can you earn your degree, but you can leave the program with a specialization. GGU’s JD Flex offers two focused career tracks that give you a competitive edge in either intellectual property or public interest. The Social Justice & Public Interest career track prepares you to work on today’s most pressing public interest issues and highlights the many different roles that lawyers play in solving society’s toughest problems. The Intellectual Property Law career track allows you to choose a generalist approach in intellectual property topics or a narrow approach where you will delve into a Patent Law or Technology and Data Privacy Law specialization. 

3. JD Flex’s Networking and Resources

Becoming a student of GGU gives you access to our network and resources. GGU is located in the heart of San Francisco’s legal, financial, and technology hub. GGU’s alumni have gone off to become counsel in places like:

  • Google
  • Meta
  • Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps
  • U.S. Department of Labor

Our faculty are nationally recognized for their expertise, including those teaching the JD Flex specialized career tracks. 

The JD Flex Program Helps Expand Access to Legal Education

GGU understands that there are many people who traditionally experienced difficulty accessing a law school education. Working professionals, veterans, and individuals from marginalized communities make up a smaller percentage of the legal field. We know training lawyers and leaders of diverse backgrounds and experiences creates a stronger, more inclusive justice system. Our student makeup is:

  • 55% of students come from racially diverse backgrounds
  • 55% are women, the 6th highest enrollment of female students in the nation
  • 19% identify as LGBTQIA+
  • 53% are first-generation college or law school students
  • 86% are first-generation law school students

Our dedication to expanding access coupled with the flexibility of our program opens up possibilities. If you thought getting your JD was impossible because of the class timing, think again. 

GGU is the Place for You

Golden Gate University’s online hybrid JD program opens up learning opportunities for students who, in the past, may have been unable to pursue this goal. Whether you are a working professional, a veteran, or a first-generation student, Golden Gate University is the place for you. With our JD Flex program, you get the same rigor and standards of our campus-based JD programs. The bonus? You also get the flexibility you need to make law school fit into your busy life. We have an individualized approach to student success. We are invested in your future. If you are considering getting your law degree, contact Golden Gate University today to start your journey.

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