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A Hybrid JD Program That Fits Your Schedule

Hybrid JD ProgramIn a global survey recently released by Forbes, students are overwhelmingly in favor of continued hybrid learning options. The article goes on to report, however, that many will be disappointed–while almost two thirds of students (63%) say they want all of their courses to have an online element, fewer than half of university leaders (46%) expect this will be the case by 2025. Looking at the results of this survey, it seems legal education is a bit behind the trend.

That’s where GGU’s Hybrid JD Flex Program comes out ahead. Our program both provides a rigorous education and serves the needs of real people like you. We worked hard to craft a degree that gives students everything they need to succeed and make an impact after graduation, but without sacrificing their personal lives in the meantime. Just ask our students, who have called it “the best of both worlds–being able to take on law school and be there for my family responsibilities.”

A Flexible Advanced Degree

We expect that you probably can’t quit your job to focus only on school. That being said, a great legal education will enhance your career exponentially, whether you want to become an Intellectual Property Lawyer or work in the U.S. Department of Justice. GGU’s JD Flex program lets you earn an ABA-accredited law degree in less than four years, even while working full-time. 

With the JD Flex program you can earn a generalized degree, or you can choose to specialize in one of our two curated tracks. Immersed in the Social Justice & Public Interest Career Track, learn to think critically about today’s most pressing public interest issues, and the intersection of justice and law. Alternatively, the Intellectual Property Law career track allows you to passionately protect privacy, innovation, artistic expression, and brands at a historically significant juncture. 

Distance Education, Campus Connection

During the fall and spring terms, JD Flex students complete a combination of online and in-person coursework. You meet on campus every other weekend, and complete your online assignments in between. This online work is intentionally asynchronous, meaning that as long as you meet your deadlines, you can do your work anytime and anywhere. But that doesn’t mean it’s not dynamic. You still get office hours with your professors, interaction with your classmates, and a world of supportive resources. 

Even with the fine-tuned online format, we’re proud that we’ve been at the center of San Francisco’s legal, financial, and technology center since 1901, and want to ensure you get to benefit from everything our downtown location has to offer. GGU’s campus is ideally situated to provide students with access to a world of opportunities stemming from this cultural mecca. It’s one of the reasons those weekends on campus are so important! At the end of every spring semester, however, we move to an entirely online course format, so feel free to take that summer job or internship (and take your education with you.)

As Forward-Thinking as You Are

Naturally, you receive a foundational legal education through courses covering all the bases, from Constitutional Law to Copyright Law. On top of that, with contemporary options such as Rebellious Lawyering or Reimagining Criminal Justice, we investigate how to make the world a better place one legal case at a time. 

We also deeply value the outstanding diversity of our student body: GGU received an A+ rating in diversity from National Jurist, while US News and World Report ranked us as one of the most diverse law schools in the entire nation. We know our strength as a school lies in how we serve each individual student. With a faculty of experts in their fields who feel truly passionate about teaching, we’re confident in our commitment. We would be honored to have you consider joining us–both online and in person, thanks to this Hybrid JD Flex degree. Apply today.

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