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Why GGU is the Perfect Intellectual Property Law School for You

While you can earn your degree to become an attorney from any law school, many schools specialize in certain areas of law. The professors, the courses, and the connections in the field benefit you greatly when it comes to your education and career. Golden Gate University is a top intellectual property law school. 

What is Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual property (IP) law encompasses laws that protect and enforce the rights of the creators and owners of things, such as music, art, and writing. What they have created is called intellectual property – the intangible creations of human intellect. IP law can include trade secrets, copyright, patents, and trademarks. 

The Intellectual Property Law Center at GGU

Intellectual Property Law School

Golden Gate University School of Law has our own Intellectual Property Law Center (IPLC) – the heart of all of the IP excitement. The IPLC is an in-depth resource for any of our students who want to specialize in IP law. We host a variety of different events year-round that focus on intellectual property. A key example of this is the Recent Developments in IP Law and Policy annual conference as well as the Distinguished IP Speaker Series. Both events bring high-profile IP newsmakers to campus to address critical issues happening in intellectual property law today. It makes Golden Gate University the intellectual property law school to consider enrolling in to give you a headstart on your career. 

In addition to the Intellectual Property Law Center, GGU Law recently announced the launch of our Blockchain Law for Social Good Center, the first of its kind in an American law school. The BLSGC is funded by a $300,000 foundational grant from the Algorand Foundation and will be led by GGU Law Professor Michele Neitz, the first (and currently, only) law professor teaching Blockchain Law in San Francisco. The center will lead the way, training a new generation of lawyers and lawmakers about the socially beneficial uses of blockchain technology.

The Intellectual Property Track at GGU

As a student of the JD Flex program at GGU, you can either gain a broad knowledge of the law with a standard track or you can specialize and gain a competitive edge in two of our specialized career tracks. These paths include our Social Justice and Public Interest Law track and our Intellectual Property law career track

The intellectual property law career track gives you the competitive edge if you are interested in a career in not only IP, but technology, data privacy, and general commercial practice. 

Even within this career track, you can either choose a generalist approach or specialize in either patent law or technology and data privacy law. The two specializations are the most in-demand areas of law. 

As a top intellectual property law school, we offer unparalleled access to emerging legal issues and opportunities in a range of cutting-edge specialties. The electives to take alongside your core law courses are invigorating and include options such as cyber law, blockchain law, and venture capital business transactions.

The Intellectual Property law track can prepare you for a career in trade secret protection, patent prosecution and litigation, entertainment and sports law, brand development and marketing, trademark and copyright registration, counseling, and litigation. 

With our campus located in the tech capital of the world, we have not only the most renowned faculty experts in intellectual property and technology law but powerful partnerships with top industry innovators and law firms. Our alumni have gone on to practice at leading companies and firms, including Google, Apple, Sony, Air BnB, and Meta.

Flexibility with Your Degree

Golden Gate University, San Francisco’s law school since 1901, has a JD Flex program that gives our students the ability to enjoy the flexibility and personalization of online learning. For some of you, you may have already started your career in intellectual property. For those who are, for example, patent agents, you are able to continue flourishing professionally as you get your degree and go on to be a patent lawyer. 

We have one of the most robust IP Law and Privacy Law programs in the country, and we give you the flexibility and support to obtain your degree while keeping up with obligations in life. Our JD Flex program was designed with the student in mind, while still keeping up with the rigor and standards of our full-time program. If you are looking for a top intellectual property law school in a bustling city, contact us at Golden Gate University today.

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