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GGU Continues to Be One of the Most Diverse Law Schools in the Nation

When you are deciding what law school to attend, there are many factors to consider, such as

  • Location
  • Tuition
  • Faculty 
  • Alumni network
  • Specialties offered

These are not the only factors, though. Another important factor you must consider is diversity amongst law students.

Golden Gate University is one of the most diverse law schools in the nation and is a great option to consider as you decide on the next chapter of your life.  

How Diversity Enhances Your Education

Most Diverse Law Schools

The legal profession is historically one of the least diverse professions in the nation. According to the American Bar Association, “racial and ethnic diversity in the legal profession is necessary to demonstrate that our laws are being made and administered for the benefit of all persons. Because the public’s perception of the legal profession often informs impressions of the legal system, a diverse bar and bench create greater trust in the rule of law.”

Fair representation of our diverse communities starts with increasing the diversity among lawyers and judges serving in our legal system. GGU is proud of its longstanding commitment to inclusion and expanding access to legal education. We know that diversity is our strength. Attending law school surrounded by diversity broadens your horizons. You cannot live through another person’s experiences, but being surrounded by different people provides unique opportunities for considering and understanding the experiences of others. Moreover, in seeing the world’s injustices, having different perspectives leads to creative solutions. Everyone pulls from their own life experiences, building for a better future together.

When it comes to representation, people feel comfortable in connecting with those of their own community. Representation matters, especially for those in marginalized communities. Populations that have been historically oppressed need their own community to advocate for them and those outside of their community to be aware that they have needs. So, a law school with diversity aids in representation, community, and advocacy.

Increasing diverse representation in the legal profession also enhances the quality of legal decisions. The ABA states that “A diverse legal profession is more just, productive, and intelligent because diversity, both cognitive and cultural, often leads to better questions, analyses, solutions, and processes.” How can you fight for justice without knowing the depths of inequality that exist? How can people of the same background come up with out-of-the-box solutions? Diversity strengthens your education and in turn, your future career.

Diversity is Who We Are

Diversity is a defining trait of Golden Gate University. Our belief that education should be accessible to everyone permeates our student body. We received an A+ rating for diversity from the National Jurist. Plus, US News and World Report recognizes GGU as one of the most diverse law schools in the country. 

  • 55% of students that come from racially diverse backgrounds
  • 55% women, which is the 6th highest enrollment of female students in the nation
  • 19% of students that identify as LGBTQ
  • 53% of students who are first-generation college or law school students
  • 86% of students are first-generation law school students

We consistently aim to break barriers so that our students become not only exceptional attorneys but socially responsible members of the global community. 

Apply to Golden Gate University Today

As a student at Golden Gate University, you can be confident that your peers will reflect the world we live in, the people you represent, and the people you advocate for. You will be able to have deeper discussions and problem-solve in a richer fashion because everyone has a unique perspective to offer. Our program gives you the opportunity to earn your Juris Doctor in one of the most dynamic legal centers in the country. Not only that, you can earn your degree with some flexibility if you enroll in our JD Flex Program. The program lets you blend online coursework with 8 weekend on-campus sessions per semester. The JD Flex program also offers two concentrations in Intellectual Property Law and Social Justice and Public Interest Law. Contact our admissions office today to get started.

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